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Leap Year Proposals 2016

That special year has come around once again for would-be brides – 2016 is a leap year! February 29th is the traditional day in which according to ancient tradition, women are ‘allowed’ to propose to their partner, which can be a really fun and exciting opportunity to take the next step forward. If you’re interested…

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If you are thinking about proposing how can you do so in a memorable way and how can you start preparing for your wedding? Be imaginative when proposing, the cinema and a meal might be sufficient for some men but if not show your man how creative you can be. Before we start do have…

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I saw the above title on Historic UK  it well it seemed rather appropriate for this post! Wednesday, 29th February 2012 is leap year day when, by ancient tradition, women can propose to men. But how did it all start? What is the folk lore and traditions? I’ve done some trailing and this is what…

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